OccupationalCohorts.net aims to make an inventory of all active cohorts in Europe which can be used to explore occupation, work related exposures, employment and health relationships. Gradually the inventory will be expanded to include cohorts globally. The inventory is primarily for research purposes but will also be useful for policymakers.

There are abundant population-based cohorts in Europe and globally with sample sizes ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands that have collected information on occupation or employment. In addition, there are industry/occupation based cohorts and intervention studies in the work environment. OccupationalCohorts.net has as its prime aim to support the use at the European level (and gradually globally) of data generated by past and ongoing cohort studies. The development of an inventory is a first and important prerequisite for such exploitation.

Please also see our complementary inventory of occupational exposure assessment tools at: OccupationalExposureTools.net

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